Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Just what exactly is a Mexibeetle?

A: A Mexibeetle is a complete restoration of a currently or previously registered U.S. specification Volkswagen Beetle. They are restored using brand new Mexican Beetles as the source of replacement parts.


Q: So, new Mexican Beetles are not being imported?

A: That's correct. It would be prohibitively expensive, if not impossible, to "federalize" a new Mexican Beetle (make it meet all of the U.S. EPA and DOT regulations for motor vehicles).


Q: How much of the original vehicle is left?

A: The soul, of course, remains. As far as actual physical content goes, the minimum amount of original components necessary is utilized to satisfy the authorities that vehicles are in fact being restored, not imported. The actual items remaining depend on the year of the car being restored but will, as a minimum, include the Tunnel.


Q: I already have a Beetle. Can mine be restored?

A: Yes, it may be possible but, given transportation costs, not be very feasible economically. (The chances are best if your vehicle is between the model years of 1966 and 1973.)


Q: Are the Mexibeetles legal in the US ?

A: Mexibeetles come through U.S. Customs and are documented that all parts utilized in the restoration have been legally imported.


Q: What model year are they?

A: Since the cars are being restored, they maintain the model year and vehicle identification number (VIN) of the original vehicle.


Q: What kind of radio to they have?

A: They do not come with a radio as standard equipment.


Q: What kind of warranty is available?

A: None. Mexibeetles are restored and sold on an "as-is" basis, so there also would be no implied warranty in those states where that would apply.


Q: Is a convertible model available? How about the availability of sunroofs?

A: The standard Mexican Beetle body shell does not come in a convertible body style (or with a sunroof). For now, however, unless you have it modified yourself by an aftermarket firm specializing in those conversions, the only thing that you will be able to tan is your left arm.


Q: Can I order a Mexibeetle with air conditioning?

A: Yes. Air conditioning is available as a dealer-installed option.


Q: Are replacement parts available for these cars?

A: Yes, since these cars are still being produced, and have been for the past 30 some years, parts should be available for years to come.